Venus Envy

April 26, 2012


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Overheard in my common room

Me: Is there anything I can help you with or answer for you before I go to sleep?
Prefrosh from Texas: ...can I have a glass of milk?

Overheard in Frist

Audacious Prefrosh: Mom, Dad, stay far behind me so people think I’m a student.

Overheard at Freshman Spring Formal

Drunk girl: I like your tie!
Drunk boy: I like your face!

Overheard in the PrincetonFML comments

Grades are petty and temporal: Honor is forever.
Honor is petty and temporal: Grades are forever.

Overheard on the Theta listserv

Senior: This side of the sorority is the real heart and sole of Theta.

Overheard outside a pregame

Drunk girl: Let’s go Ivy right now! Right now! We have to run! Run with me!
KA bro: No.

Overheard on Wikipedia

“At sign”: The at sign or @, [is] also called the ampersat, apetail, arroba, atmark, acosta, at symbol, commercial at, curlat, or monkey choad

Overheard on a Friday night

SAE boy: I’ve hooked up with Asians before, and I’ve definitely hooked up with small Asians before, but you’re the smallest and most Asian one I’ve ever seen.

Overheard in Whitman

Junior master to freshman apprentice: Just touch his genitals. He will be your slave.

Overheard outside Cafe Viv

Prefrosh 1, looking at map: Let’s go to Cafe Viv.
Presfrosh 2: No, let’s go to Frist!

Overheard in Intime

Prefrosh: So, did you guys post any Facebook statuses when you got into Princeton?

Overheard on Nassau St

Townie teen, to preppy friends: That’s really all we do. We eat and buy things.

Overheard outside Wilson

Guy: Well, I was partly raised at dinner parties.

Overheard in Wu

Theta frosh: He’s blasian? I have to meet him. I have dreams of making super-interracial children.

Overheard in Interpretations of Dreams

Freud: Indeed, even the museum of human excrement could be given an interpretation to rejoice my heart.