The Anguish Issue

April 19, 2012


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Overheard in Frist during midterms

Girl 1: What was his name again?
Girl 2: Stalin

Overheard in Cafe Viv

Sophomore Pi Phi: Ew. Don’t go with him to formals.
Freshman Pi Phi: Why?
Sophomore Pi Phi: His coloration clashes with your skin tone.

Overheard in the Frist TV Lounge

Bro: Yo bro I always get Ghana mixed up with Uganda. But I always remember that Ghana has those hugeass falls.

Overheard in precept

Diligent sophomore: Let’s say you’re the most disciplined person in the world and other people aren’t.

Overheard on page 3 of the Daily Princetonian

Classified ads: “Spanish, Basque, or Spanish/Filipino Egg Donor Needed...”

Overheard in Frist

Procrastinating Senior: I’m not creepy. I’m just a stalker. There’s a difference.

Overheard in precept

Professor: You can’t say that. You can’t say that. Oh wait, you’re paying tuition, you can say that.

Overheard in The Cloisters

Young philosopher: I mean your soul in the metaphysical sense, not like the black music.

Overheard on MatheyMail

Alex: I just broke my phone, of anyone has an extra AT&T blackberry or any other phone it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll pay for it if need be.


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Overheard at Terrace

Nostalgic Anglo: I love this song! My au-pair used to play it all the time.

Overheard at Cannon

Pi Phi Junior: I want the drawing room in my country home to look like this.

Overheard at the CJL

One Theta sister to another: Oh my God, I just want to go to sleep and wake up brown.

Overheard at Terrace

Girl talking about ecstasy: I would be careful about that stuff...
Guy, shrugging: So I die...