1. Calls Proust a big boring bullshit.

2. Is this guy gay? What does this guy want?

3. There is no father in any father. It’s okay Dad, I’m even worse than you.

4. Everything not man is woman. Woman is still woman.

5. All good interpretation is unilateral. Where’s the beef?

6. “I don’t care about Kate and William, I don’t care if they get shot in public.”

7. “Who is the greatest American philosopher…L Ron Hubbard?”

8. This may be the greatness of I Love Lucy [enigmatic gaze into the camera].

9. I don’t know what is really deep within me; it’s probably some really horrible bullshit.

10. We are all Wittgenstein (masturbation fantasies…)

11. You know, people are lazy, must push people. Prohibit something. Let’s prohibit something which is already impossible—when you were old enuf to screw yr mother she was already on the Eternal Hunting Grounds.

12. American Native American I prefer Indian Fuck it Indian.

13. I prefer to be a Western liberal hypocrite so I do it discreetly

14. Whatever you desire man/dog/woman so I won’t be accused of speciesism

15. There never is a pure-zero-degree-past-as-it-is-in-itself!!! FICTION!!!

16. Sexuality is at its most elementary the basic form of metaphysics in which we break out of ‘natural’ sphere. This is why church opposes sexuality. Not because it’s our animal side, rather — sexuality is religion’s metaphysical rival! Must claim that lust is animal. NOT SO! Lust is opposite. Deadly fascination beyond life & death.

17. To put it in California terms, share the experience

18. No porn.

19. True appreciation is “I hate them, I envy them”

20. He isn’t dead. He is undead.

21. Speaking now as a Lacanian Stalinist…

22. Before cyberspace I’m a Cartesian subject

23. Rick Perry Moment: Phantom Menace, Clone Wars…Revenge of the Sith

24. ***the double catharsis***

25. What is Man for Nature (as such). This is maybe too much new age. “Today I’ll do a nice fragment”- Parmenides.

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