Overheard outside 1903

Male prefrosh: You should really get Facebook.
Female prefrosh: I should...what’s your last name? I’ll contact you.
Male prefosh: [Gives last name] You should really get Facebook.
Female prefrosh: I should.

Overheard at Ivy Club

Girl Economics Major: Are you going to work for an investment bank this summer?
Guy Economics Major: I don't think so. Investment banking is okay, but my real passion is consulting.

Overheard at networking dinner

Corporate executive, philosophically: Do you think they’ve discovered all the foods?

Overheard in Frist

Ivy junior, on Ivy aenior: He’s
totally American analytical, but you have to understand the
structuralist inheritance.

Overheard at Nass party

Overeager frosh: i like to do lay-outs i love layout can you lay me out

Overheard at a Pike Party

Pike Pledge: Dude, my penis is so small that the only chance I have for pleasuring a girl is to tell a good joke during sex.

Overheard in silent library at 5 AM

Girl, whispering at full volume: Now [redacted] wants me to flush his coke for him. What am I, his mother?

Overheard in East Pyne, again

Girl 1: At least you didn’t fall for a hobbit who left you for a cross-eyed girl.
Girl 2: Yeah, but I fell for a hobbit who left me for a man.
I guess he didn’t really leave me.

Overheard somewhere in South Carolina

Deposed EIC: Here’s an example of how worthless the boy scouts are not only does my brother actually have a cow badge (literally, a badge you get for learning about cows) but I just challenged him to a cow trivia contest, and it was a tie.

Overheard on Ivy list

Perceptive senior, reading party invitation: Is it logically possible for a party to be both “the largest” and “most exclusive”?

Overheard at Terrace

Wisconsin junior: I like that shirt. Where’d you get it?
Ohio senior: JCPenney close-out rack.
Westchester junior: What’s a close-out rack?

Overheard in RoMa

Nasthead member: Cottage is way more mysterious than St. A's.

Overheard at Terrace, Nov. 1 12:03 a.m.

Sangria-drinking junior: Wow, it is very much still Halloween on Club Penguin.

Overheard at a fraternity meeting

Oh my god, the room has bay windows? I just love bay windows!

Overheard on the Terrace deck

Terrace Show chair: I just booked a band called Panty Raid.
Sophomore: What do they play?
Show chair: I don’t know.

Overheard in Frist

Ivy SAE, wooing female: So I just started really lifting again...

Overheard in Forbes Black Box

Student filled with wonderment at tale of limb breaking: I wish I had a broken bone.

Overheard at Ivy

Deflated I-banker: I would rather undergro ethnic cleansing than lose my offer.

Overheard at She Roars

Supreme Court justice, on being famous in public: I have to be careful at the beach now.

Overheard in Rocky

TI-bickering girl: I just keep smelling cat food, everywhere.

Overheard in Agricola

Preppy mother: Do kids at Princeton buy or sell drugs?

Overheard on Princeton FML:

Princeton student: I’ve decided that it’s just not worth the pain. I’m throwing out my old, safe plan for life and trusting my future to the wind and my heart. MLWBDifficult, but MLWBMOwn.

Overheard on Google Maps

Disenchanted reviewer: Princeton is full of snobs! Besides the architecture of the school, the town has only 2 blocks worth seeing. The hospital is nothing like the TV show House, and no he does not work there! 4 blocks off the college is where the illegal immigrants gather and wait for day work. I was extremely disappointed in Princeton. I imagined a European type university village centered on a school with great prestige! Yeah, NO! not even close.

Overheard in COM 300

Comp lit junior: Everything is present in the present.

Overheard in Fine Hall

Math professor: Here's an example of an economic problem involving two goods...let's say, guns and beer. Economists are always talking about guns and beer.
Student: That's guns and butter.
Professor: Who cares about butter?