Overheard in Cuyler

Woke white man: Elizabeth Warren sucks, but I’ll happily vote for her once Bernie Sanders dies.

Enthusiastic HUM Freshman

Leaving lecture hall: "this lecture low key changed my life."

Overheard in a COS class

COS professor while playing Gregorian chants before class: Well, I like it. My wife HATES Gregorian chants.

Overheard in Murray Dodge

I have not heard of the Nassau Weekly. What are verbatims?

Overheard in Forbes

Theater kid: So I went up to my room and put some peppermint essential oil on my nips…

Overheard in Joline Hall kitchen

Classics Major: Ever since Oedipus, I haven't looked at my mom the same.
Friend reevaluating this friendship: I feel like you should continue this conversation…without me.

Overheard in French seminar

Woman professor to woman student: Though I'm usually on your side, we must at least sometimes recognize that men are also human beings.

Overheard in a meeting

Jaded senior, discussing baby yoda: Like, you’re so cute, but you’re a product of a megacorporation.

Overheard at Cap

Gay man voting for Pete Buttigieg: I thought I got into Princeton because my mom was a legacy and I applied as a Classics Major, but I just learned about pretty privilege and it might be because of the symmetry of my face.

Overheard in J Street

Exasperated frosh: You know how to code but not how to split screen your windows?

Overheard in Wilcox

Sentimental friend: Did I mention how much I missed you?
Indifferent friend: Really? Oh, good job.

Overheard by a fireplace on Thanksgiving

Former Ivy social chair: THIS is what I miss the most about college.

Overheard in small class

Inquisitive professor: Why are you laughing? You can tell me, you know I'm confidential. Though the university requires me to say that I'm not confidential. *pause* Come see me after class.

Overheard at Thanksgiving in the South

19-year-old girl: I can’t wait to show off my gene pool.

Overheard in a Wucox booth

Underclassman: Adoption is more sustainable. It's like thrifting but for kids.

Overheard in J Street

Multilingual frosh: What's "good-bye" in Spanish? Toodles?

Overheard in Cuyler

White boy: Elizabeth Warren sucks, but I’ll happily vote for her once Bernie Sanders dies.

Overheard by Firestone

EEB senior, to history senior: Wow, we don't get thesis lockers.... all I got was a bag of raccoon shit.

Overheard in J Street

Friend on frosh going through an existential crisis: Just because she's short doesn't mean she'll be a pediatrician.

Overheard in Clapp

Politically informed girl, watching the debate: You know who was hot? Franklin Pierce.

Overheard at bar in NYC

Former EIC, reflecting: Sometimes I read the stuff I wrote and I’m like... I didn’t write anything crazy but... definitely imperialist!

Overheard outside the architecture building

Cultural Catholic, on his return to the fold: I want my hatred of Protestants to be rooted in theological rigor.

Overheard in writing sem

Professor: If you don't cite your sources properly, you get sent to the D level of Firestone.

Overheard in the Annex

Sympathetic friend, to masochist: You’re not a freak! You just have…interesting tastes.

Overhead on the street

COS boy: None of the SOC classes are funny this year.
Finance bro: Yeah, Poverty in America isn't being offered.