Greetings readers,

At a loss for actual substantive writing, I have instead compiled a list of thoughts that have been running around my conscience lately. Hopefully there’s something for everyone in here. Enjoy. 

  1. That television show How It’s Made has really fallen out of public consumption and it desperately needs to make a reappearance. I still have no idea how a lot of things are made. 
  2. Why did the art of the silent film die but people still go to watch ballets? It’s the same thing but live and you are less aware of what’s going on. 
  3. There are only two movies that have made me cry in my entire life. (1) Won’t You be My Neighbor – that documentary they made about Mr. Rogers. (2) Saving Mr. Banks – that non-documentary-documentary they made about the film adaptation of Mary Poppins
  4. What happened to the art of the 1950s kitchen? We really had something there. Interior design-wise. 
  5. I wish there was such a thing as lowercase question marks so that last thought didn’t sound so serious. I just want to ask something without sounding desperate.
  6. Within the past month I’ve come to the conclusion that I may only be happy if I work as a Disney Imagineer in the future but I also really want to live in Montana or Wyoming so I don’t know how I’m gonna make that compromise. I’ll have to learn to love Anaheim.
  7. It’s continually perplexing to me why we made futuristic postmodern architecture for almost twenty years in the middle of the twentieth century and got so close to looking like Star Trek and now I’m looking around and everything’s boring. Look at the TWA airport terminal (now hotel) in JFK. What happened to that sort of thing [lowercase question mark]
  8. My 19-year-old pomeranian poops in her sleep. Thankfully the only thing we have in common is our age.
  9. Duolingo doesn’t have an option between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese – what if I need to learn one of those specific types? (I figured out how to do the lowercase question mark).
  10. Ambient lighting is truly a wonderful thing.
  11. Two nights ago I sat in the Bloomberg common room from 3am to 4:30am and it made me want to permanently change my sleep schedule and become nocturnal. I think from now on I just need to go to sleep immediately after classes end and then wake up at midnight and start all of my homework. 
  12. Wondering if it would have been possible for Ariana to keep her eyebrows the normal color and not bleach them. I know she has to be Glinda and everything but I feel like Glinda also didn’t bleach her eyebrows that much. 
  13. Max Hooper Schneider makes really cool miniature sculptures. Check them out. There’s one that is a tiny bar in an overgrown forest with a bunch of tiny TVs that are all playing random scenes from Cheers. Creative genius (I have no idea what it means). 
  14. The temperate rainforest climate seems like a great place to be. A low-commitment solution to semi-tropical living. 
  15. Who determines what good taste is? Is there like a corporation or something of the sort… Probably Target.
  16. Wait is it just Anna Wintour (lack of punctuation to indicate stunned and/or dragging on of thought)
  17. Whenever I step off the train into Manhattan I have a visceral need to vomit and/or pass out.
  18. Whenever I think about muscles and tendons I have a visceral need to vomit and/or pass out. 
  19. Whenever I think about the possibility of raising a child I have a visceral need to vomit and/or pass out.
  20. I am obsessed with the last scene in Past Lives where Nora is walking back after saying goodbye to her friend and she has a little silent cry in her little boots and her little dress and it is just so pleasant to look at.
  21. (a) I got new socks for Christmas and they all have ‘foot’ written on them. Now I will never forget where they are.
  1. (b) Socks part two. If I can prevent it, I never wear matching socks. 
  2. Addendum to 21(a). Maybe all clothes should be labeled by body part. Eliminate confusion altogether.
  3. Every week, on average, I add about five new songs to my liked on Spotify and then only listen to those until the next five come along. Currently those songs are:
    • Clouds Across the Moon – The Rah Band
    • Red Wine – Grapetooth
    • Crying on the Subway – Hana Vu
    • Memphis – Kitten
    • The Movie In My Mind – Miss Saigon Original Cast
  4. I believe you can watch the Lord of The Rings trilogy with maybe 45% attention and despite not entirely knowing what’s going on, you can completely understand everything. And it surprisingly doesn’t get boring. 


So, that is what has been running around my conscience. Now I’m letting them run away to settle here. Farewell.

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