Vax Bracket

April 18, 2021

Vax Bracket – Full Design

This week, the Nass considers personal autonomy, opines on exclusivity, and ruminates on seasonal defecation.


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Overheard in a Relationship Discussion

Married Man: It is not uncommon that courting is more fun than actually living together.

Overheard on an EMT Shift

Old Timer: My advice is, get a coffee cup with a lid.

New Guy: My advice is, I am going to fucking kill you.

Overheard in Class

Professor: Maybe the professor did it. Never trust a professor.

Overheard in Class

Former Chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts: I often have imaginary conversations with Samuel Beckett.

Overheard during Office Hours

Emeritus Professor: You know, I'm an old socialist.

Overheard in an RCA Room

Frosh with Labor Organizer Parents: "Solidarity Forever" was like a lullaby for me growing up.

Overheard in a Holiday Conversation

Wholesome Girl: *whispering* I get really competitive about gingerbread houses.

Overheard in Insta DMs

Misguided Optimist on the Phili Flyer's Mascot: How dare you compare Gritty to Satanism. Gritty is all that is good in the world!

Overheard in Forbes Annex

Cocky RCA: I'm an RCA! I know more about you than you know about yourself!

Overheard on the Phone

Politics Major: This is the Pisces in me–I'm kind of getting into astrology.

Overheard in Poetry Class

Professor: Those croissants better be good because you are breaking and entering.

Overheard in Whitman Bathroom

Girl 1: It is 2:23 in the morning.

Girl 2: I can't hear you over the sound of my pee.

Overheard on Video Call

Concerned Friend: Let me get this straight. Your hair was on fire and your priority was your weed?

Florida man: I mean no matter what my hair was already on fire.

Overheard while watching entrepreneurship lecture

Senior going into finance: I can't wait to be someone's bitch at work!