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Overheard in Frist

Queen of Theta: I want to delete my Theta profile pics. I don't want people to know that about me.

Overheard in the Women’s Center

Overeager frosh: I want to be North West's personal assistant when I graduate from law school.

Overheard in TI

Senior woman: Scandinavia’s great, but it’s so homogenous that if you show up and you’re short, fat and you have brown hair, they’re going to be like…no.
Newcomer: Are you talking about Pi Phi?

Overheard at Thai Village

Nass frosh: He thought he was throwing up from Juul withdrawals but really he has a stomach bug.

Overheard in Iowa

Fuckboy, to feminist: I feel like at this point your definition of “fuckboy” is so broad that it applies to any male person.

Overheard in NYC

Managing Editor: I was too bashful to say “penis” as a kid. Until I was 14, I said “pen fifteen.”

Overheard at Terrace lunch

Lesbian, screaming: I COULD HAVE A BUSH… I DON’T WANT ONE!

Overheard over winter break

Long Island native: My parents conceived me at HBS, so I basically had to get in.

Overheard at beach resort

Nanny: We can't buy this right now. It's too much money
Six-year-old: It's okay. We'll just get Daddy's credit card.

Overheard on Butler Buzz

White man, probably: Write for the TORY: A Journal of Conservative and Moderate (really!) Thought.