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Overheard in TI

Theta junior: What’s the word for being prejudiced against gay people again?
Gay junior: Homophobia??

Overheard in Jadwin

Math major: I think I like boba just because I subconsciously like balls in my mouth

Overheard in RoMa

Self-assured sophomore: I also have to get drunk tonight so I can justify my juul use

Overheard in East Pyne Cafe

Freshman girl: "Oh do you have a job yet?"
Junior girl: "Yeah! I'm working at Bain"
Freshman girl: "What’s Bain?"
Junior girl: "…"

Overheard in Fine Hall

Girl looking at photos of past grad students: She’s so cute! Why is she doing math?

Overheard in Ivy

Senior investment banker, on climate scientists: If all of these guys are such predictive geniuses, why don’t they just run hedge funds?

Overheard in SF

Former Ivy member: What do you mean I'm not a champagne socialist? I work for a non-profit!

Overheard in Forbes through a closed door

Male voice with British accent: No, no, NO!!! WEAR something fucking STYLISH!!!!!

Overheard while “studying for finals”

Girl, looking at boy’s recent social media activity: HAHAHA oh my god I’m hollering. I literally don’t care. I want to go home. I want to go home and be alone. I want be at home, alone, in my bed. I want to be alone forever.

Overheard at Practice

Coach: Who wants to touch me?