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Overheard in 1903

Terrace senior man, eating Olives lemon square: “Marx is my daddy.”

Overheard in French Seminar

Previously Verbatim-ed Sophomore French Student: *coughs*
Professor: "Be careful, or you'll be back in the Nassau Weekly."

Exclaimed in Frist

Struggling CBE freshman
"Pop tarts are sugar ravioli!"

Came to me in a dream

Dream Self: Hmm.. Princeton should really divest from fossil fuels…

Overheard in Wilcox

Enlightened freshman: It's a new season. It's a Christian Girl Fall.

Overheard in Roma D-Hall

Nass Sophomore: There's this girl writing about climate protest music.
Non-Nass Sophomore: That's so college.

Overheard in TI

Beer-soaked frosh at State Night: Is it acceptable to go to Ivy like this?

Overheard on the street

Tower man, wearing plaid: They need a good dose of shut the fuck up.

Overheard on the phone

Senior man crushing junior woman's dreams: He's not athletic; he's in Wawa United.

Overheard outside Nassau Hall

Exasperated white girl: If your dog looks like a rat, then it is one.