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Overheard in Chancellor Green

Dismayed Frosh: I'm not upset my phone is wet. I'm upset that the water spilled was Voss

Overheard in seminar

Junior drinking from a S'well: I'm Puerto Rican, but not passionately Puerto Rican.

Overheard on the Computer Science concentrator listserv

Dep rep:
Dear students,
If your independent work/thesis project involves the use of drones, can you please contact me.

Overheard in Wright 11

Future Anna Wintour Assistant, raging at woven slippers: Every Chinese lady in America has those!

Overheard while hooking up in the midwest

Artsy sad boy: I didn't realize how sexy your turtleneck was.

Overheard via iMessage

Bored sophomore: Nobody takes me seriously in my quest to get a Juul.

Overheard at an Anscombe Society reception

Girl to friend: *loud whisper* I had the WEIRDEST dream that one of my friends… was a Lesbian!

Overheard at Terrace

Terran: "It makes sense that white people like avocado. It has no flavor."

Overheard on a Wednesday

Jewish senior: Never have I ever bought Plan B in shekels.

Overheard in Brown 420

Nass Managing Editor: Is it obnoxious to post this picture of Bombay Sapphire on my snap story?
Brooklynite: No, why would it be obnoxious?