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Overheard at Wilcox

Two juniors: Jesus is a big guy to leave room for.

Overheard outside Dillion

Frustrated middle-aged man: You can have my vote, I don't care WHO you are—if you can end daylight savings time. I’m like, DONE!!

Overheard on a plane

HUM professor to student: So, tell me the tea.

Overheard at Newark Airport

Prince Writer: Don't take it personally — I came out of the womb a bitch.

Overheard in Scully

Princeton alum, talking about how the world probably ended in 2012: Yeah, so everything post Harambe has been total nonsense.

Overheard in San Francisco

TI junior: Fuck. I thought I cared about social impact.

Overheard in Brooklyn

Woman, to roommate: It's not that I hate your pants. It's that I think you have a shopping addiction.

Overheard at TI

Theta junior: I just like boys with long hair. Maybe I’m a lesbian.

Overheard in Whitman

Sleep-deprived frosh to other sleep-deprived frosh: Let's all put our serotonin in a pile and split it.

Overheard late at night in a Whitman girls’ bathroom

Sophomore 1: God is ORFE.
Sophomore 2, emphatically: God is NOT ORFE!