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Overhead in Spelman

Senior Anscombe President: I wasn't talking about penis qua penis. I was talking about penis qua biological feature!

Overheard on iMessage

Would-be male feminist, at 2 a.m.: Hey
Would-be male feminist, at 2 p.m.: So...

Overheard in Wilcox

Angry frosh: The thing I hate the most about the US military is ROTC taking up valuable space in the egg line.

Overheard in Ivy

Pi Phi woman in STEM: I took a breath of marijuana and time stopped.

Overheard while listening to Vampire Weekend’s “Diplomat’s Son”

White boy, completely seriously: Oh, man. This is my absolute shit. What a fucking banger.

Overheard at Fields Center

Senior woman: You should go for him. Your college shelf-life aligns with his relationship longevity.

Overheard in Tower

ORFE senior: I’m a Wall Street Journal Democrat.

Overheard at the waxing salon

Young spiritualist: I could never be in a relationship with a very religious man because I would feel like God or Jesus was in between us.

Overheard in Frist

Zete pledge: I think they should make pledging a requirement…like writing sem.

Overheard at a Nass Meeting

Black market aficionado: We should all get roosters so we can fight them in the Nass room.