Nass Fungible Tokens

April 4, 2021

Nass Fungible Tokens – Full Design

This week, the Nass investigates the nuances of identity, beauty, and porn.


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Overheard during Poetry class

Girl who's just over it: Are we really debating stump philosophy?

Overheard on iMessage

Literary Gal: You know when people say “obviously thinking of Joyce” that they need to stfu.

Overheard in Lecture

Tenure Track Professor: This isn't true, but I love to lie.

Overheard in Class

Creative Writing Prof: Every story could always use a crazy cousin.

Overheard on the Phone

Younger Sister on Princeton Students' Social Lives: Do you say, 'Hey wanna go get boba tea for the 50th time today?' and they say, 'Poverty doesn't exist, so yea'?

Overheard on the Phone

Concerned older sister: Tik-Tok is NOT A THERAPIST!

Overheard in Zoom Dms

Nass Junior Editor: Hi slut

Nass Business Team Member: Stop calling me slut after watching glee

Overheard in First Courtyard

Ratatouille Purist: No, Don't Sexualize The Rat!

Overheard at kitchen table

Determinist: I need to disseminate my propaganda!

Overheard in COM Seminar

Visiting Poet: I write in my fourth language, English.

Overheard in AAS Seminar

Visiting Prof: Columbus was not necessarily that bright.