Space Jam

March 28, 2021

Space Jam – Full Design

This week, the Nass meditates on home life, hears from Tracy K. Smith, and telescopes space.


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Overheard in Lecture

Sci-Fi Professor on Using Screen Share: I've flown too close to the sun. I tried to incorporate technology and now we're burning.

Overheard in Spelman

Roommate 1: Ok, so who's hotter, Putin or Trudeau?

Roommate 2: …

Roommate 3: Why is there a pause??

Overheard in Creative Writing Class

National Book Award Finalist: Why should I write when I could be watching soccer?

Overheard in Class

Speculating Professor: This was 14th century Italy, not exactly the most cheerful time.

Overheard in Seminar

Professor, about Shakespeare: Much ass-licking going on in this play.

Overheard from bathroom stall

Speaker was defecating: What's the generic formula for margin of error again?

Overheard on Canvas

Comp Lit Major: I don't mean to be dramatic, but they quite literally brought me to tears.

Overheard in the Dining Hall

Dad: Are you having a good time at college?

Son: Dad, I'm dating. Isn't that exciting?

Overheard near the SPIA fountain

Graduated COS tech bro, on the relatability of poems: "Yeah, they're like the original memes."

Overheard on the Phone

Stoned graduate, with no job: It's like instead of getting a really awesome sandwich, they just got a Big Mac and put more bread in the middle.

Overheard in religion seminar

Cinematic Prof: Kant’s argument was similar to what’s going on in the Matrix. But I've never actually seen the Matrix. Anyway, that’s what Kant is saying.

Overheard on Snap

Failed Catholic: I don’t fear God enough to stay pescatarian.

Physics Major: I don’t fear God; I fear dark matter.

Overheard at Junbi

Desperate Fellowship Applicant: I raised Aaron Burr’s spirit to finish my research proposal.

Nass Enthusiast: That belongs in the Nass.