February 15, 2008


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Overheard at Ivy Initiations

[Sophomore grabs Hot Ivy Senior's boob]
Hot Ivy Senior: That's just not classy. I don't know whether or not you usually use that, but I find that dinner works better.

Overheard late Thursday night in the U-Store

Smashed Girl (flirtatiously): Hi Eric.
Eric: Hey.
Girl: You're just saying that.
Same Smashed Girl, ten minutes later, eating furtively: I can taste the nonfat in this.

Overheard in Brown

Guy: I mean, for all my twisted shit, I've never been attracted to little boys... I mean, legitimately!

Overheard outside Pyne

Boy: I have to decide, you know, whether or not I want to socially exclude someone.
Girl: Yeah, I know, totally.

Overheard near Lake Carnegie

Guy 1: I'm a visual learner. If I see something done, I feel like I can do it better myself.
Guy 2: Like when you saw the man-gina scene in [i]Silence of the Lambs[/i]. You were like 'I can do that!'