Dead Beats

October 12, 2023

Dead Beats: Full Design

This week, the Nass learns from Patti Smith, mulls over pop stardom, and weighs the costs of “clean” energy.


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Overheard late at night in the Murray-Dodge Café

Incredulous girl: can you imagine THIS being your cousin, and being SURPRISED she’s a bisexual?

Overheard while viewing South Tower impact footage

Viewer: 9/11 is my Roman Empire

Overheard while planning a pregame

Pre-med student: I would do homework AT the orgy

Overheard while still arguing about pickles

Detractor: What’s the moral imperative for pickling a child?

Overheard while reflecting on origins

Former baby: Well, when I was a gamete, I was fairly nude

Overheard in seminar

English concentrator: They were stabbed in a very romantic way

Overheard in the co-op

Vegetarian: I feel like eggs are a constitutional issue

Overhead during 7:30pm Lecture

Disgruntled professor: So, which image do you want to talk about?

Disgruntled professor, after about 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence: Okay, I guess democracy is bad then.

Overheard in Roma

Allergy-ridden individual: It's the sound of screaming peanuts

Overheard while arguing about the definition of a pickle

Proponent: Hold on, let me pull out my strategic pickle

Overheard at dinnertime

Dreamer: My favorite meditations are the ones where I'm not conscious

Overheard in the Campus Club Coffee Club

Barista-humanist, to other barista-humanists: Dialing in the espresso machine together is the closest I’ll ever get to Los Alamos.

Overheard in the Forbes Library

Excited frosh: First one to have sex in FLIB gets 1000 dollars from me.

Overheard at Terrace

Trite Terran: I’m going to be the Isaac Newton of Musical Theater!