1. I don’t know about Princeton in the Nation’s Service, but I’m at your service anytime.

2. Did you know I was president of the BSU? As in, I’m black and single, you?

3. Step into the ex-com office and I’ll show you the new *ahem* couch.

4. ODUS your body hurt from your fall from Heaven?

5. You know what they say about people with long names? Long nametags. *wink*

6. I know I have a fine ass–are YOU talking about it?

7. Elections are coming up, are you running? Cuz I’d like to chase you down.

8. Do you need a job? I’m looking to hire a Presidential intern.

9. Have you seen the USG blog? That’s short for weblog, you know like, “We Blog,” like, you and me, blog? No? Okay.

10. Wasssssssssssssuuuuuppppppp

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