Vibe Crafter

March 20, 2022

Vibe Crafter: Full Design

This week the Nass learns the lingo of NBA internet fandom, reflects on terror in public transit, and explores the secret world of dorm fine dining.


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Overheard at Forbes

Fantasy Romance novel enthusiast: I actually have another fairy porn book waiting at Frist!

Overheard in Whitman

Focused student: I try to always be thinking about either boobs or the Buffalo Bills.

Overheard on the way home

Lonely friend 1: Why do you think I'm sad?

Lonely friend 2: (pause) Because you're not loved.

Overheard at Wu

Straight male bottom: "Do you know him? He's, like, one of the 30 gay guys here, you must know him."

Overheard during a witch-hunt reading

Witch 1: "Physical impotence was the counterpart of moral impotence." What does that mean?

Witch 2: Viagra is a moral shot to the dick.

Overheard in Lockart

Feminist radical: What does it matter if I'm capitalist or not in the face of period cramps.

Overheard at lunch

Revolutionary: orgies are definitely anti-capitalist.

Overheard in 1901

English student struggling with auto-biographical midterm project: Perhaps I should just cut my mother out.

Overheard over greasy, greasy pizza

Anthro major: Yeah, maybe I need to get back into wanting to be rich.

Overheard at a concert in Brooklyn

Girl: It’s annoying because he’s really into crypto, but he’s really bad at it.

Overheard on the subway

Guy: We'll cross that bridge when we burn it.

Overheard in a family group chat

Quant finance dude: I feel like the truest version of myself in black leather.

Overheard on a road trip

Driver reading a sign: Oh look, Syracuse!

Shotgun: Nope. Secaucus.

Overheard over Tarot

Scholar: You know the fool uses to be a bad card because it represented poverty and the fool was a peasant–

Woke friend: And then they realized that's classist?

Overheard at 2D

Girl, incredulous: You think I would have raw sex with someone whose last name I don’t know?!