The Nass 100

September 21, 2006


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Overheard in ENG 317

Guy: I love Renaissance poetry- Donne, Byron, Keats, Yeats. I like 'em all. I write my own poetry too sometimes but it's more modern.

Overheard at Target

Target Checker: That will be $12.63.
Nass Editor-in-Chief: Um, I think you'll notice on the sticker that the lampshade is actually priced at $0.00.
Target Checker: That was a mistake. You are not getting this lampshade for free.
Nass EIC: I'm a Jew.
Target Checker: Do you want to buy the lampshade?
Nass EIC: No.

Overheard in CWR 303

Girl: Why do people become pediatricians?
Joyce Carol Oates: Is it because they're pedophiles?

Overheard in Nass Office while laying out Nass 100

Publisher 1: Looks like Joyce needs to get a little bit thinner!

Overheard in Nass Office while writing Nass 100

Publisher 2: Are there any snack foods I haven't eaten yet?

Overheard at 50th Reunion dinner while plates are bussed

Very Old Man 1: You better go get your stuff, we're being displaced.
VOM 2: I feel like a Palestinian.