Sex Issue (2023)

November 16, 2023

Sex Issue (2023): Full Design

Read the full design of our newest issue, the Sex Issue.

The 3rd Nassau Weekly Smut Competition

CW: This is some gross stuff.


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Overheard on a walk

Gamer guy, walking on gravel: This sounds just like breaking a Minecraft dirt block.

Overheard while reading the Nassau Weekly Smut Competition entries

Smut reader: Don’t ruin this pear for me

Overheard after the final Nass submission deadline

Nass newcomer: I should probably submit a verbottom

Overheard in New College West

Sophomore, possible bassist: When I think of my bedroom, I think of sticky and sweaty.

Overheard while driving to a curling tournament

Curler: All bassists are sweaty

Overheard over text

Resolute socialist: Watching the GOP debate with the college republicans right now.

Friend: How's that going?

Socialist: Holding in my scoffs of indignation

Overheard while watching NCAA soccer game

Fan: Girls don’t wear bras anymore, it’s 2021

Overheard in Coffee Club

Film buff: Judi Dench is an actress? Oh right, she was in Cats.

Overhead while fixing appliances

Bystander: I’ve seen people do CRAZY things with nine volt batteries