We strive to be a democratic publication, one whose direction is shaped by our contributors more than our editorial staff. When we floated the idea for a sex issue, we received overwhelming enthusiasm from the Nass community. So we went ahead with it.


Previous mastheads had done this—in 1988 and 2006. But those were different times. Since then, OnlyFans has taken off, Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and we talk and think about sex differently than we did even twenty years ago.


As you might expect, in these pages, you’ll encounter an abundance of bad sex jokes and steamy fiction you might not want to read over breakfast, capped by our smut competition, which we revived from 2006. You’ll also find sober reflections on intimacy, reproductive rights, and the nuclear family. We feel that this mixture of content reflects the many sides of sex. Sex is fun; it’s also hyper-policed, deeply personal, and politically consequential. It’s unlikely that much of what follows would be published by other outlets at Princeton. We hope to provide a space for our writers and readers to confront and discuss sex, even if doing so is sometimes uncomfortable or taboo.


Needless to say, this entire issue carries a content warning for sex. Hands where we can see them!


With love,

Sam Bisno and Sierra Stern


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