July 5, 2014


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Overheard via iMessage

Blackout Nass editor: I'm like...attractive.

Overheard via email

Cornell senior, to editorial intern: have you heard of david foster wallace

Overheard in the South

California Jew, to white male: You gotta go get some cracker pussy!
Southern belle: [looks shocked]
California Jew, to belle: What, did that offend you?
Southern belle (horrified): We're at a country club!

Overheard at the Guggenheim

Security guard, to Nass ed: Do you think that men falling in love is a sign of weakness?
Nass ed: Exactly the opposite.
Security guard: Go right on in.

Overheard during UBS harassment training

Training module: Is hugging a man the same as hugging a woman?

Overheard via iMessage

Nass editor: Just talked to my coworker for 10 minutes about fresh produce. It is the longest conversation I have had at the office.