Keeping the Public Safe

October 3, 2008


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Overheard at MOL 101-B Lecture:

Frustrated Professor: Are you guys old enough to know when your life is completely meaningless?

Overheard at Ivy Brunch:

Ivy Senior: What a great picture! We're all so beautiful!
Another Ivy Senior: No, you are so beautiful!
Original Ivy Senior: I know.

Overheard at Ivy Pick-Ups:

Ivy Member: I can't give you a hug because you're covered in Andre. If you were covered in something more expensive, maybe. But even then...

Overheard at Richarson:

Gray-haired Flirt: I think it's really great that they have intermission.
Gray-haired Woman: I think it's time for you to find your wife outside.

Overheard in Takacs Quartet Concert:

Elderly Woman: I don't even understand all the fuss about Obama's race. I mean, he's not even that black.

Overheard leaving Frist on a Saturday night:

Girl 1: I just wanna go to Terrace and smoke cigarettes and be gloomy.
Girl 2: That doesn't sound like a good idea. Let's go to Tower and be HAPPY!