Jesus is my coach

March 24, 2005


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Overheard at Ivy Lunch

Cottage Girl: I really like this place. You have friendship and togetherness. At my club all we have is sports and racism.

Overheard in POL 316 lecture

To some free speech could be writing an essay about the war in Iraq and to others it could be fisting... [silence] you know... [makes fisting motion] shoving your arm into someone's anus

Overheard on e-mail

Prince Columnist: I have three older sisters, have seen more chick flicks than you've breathed breaths, and am so sensitive it hurts.  AND STILL, I WILL STAND BY SPOONING.

Junior Guy #1: So Harrison Frist, for the third straight year, has a draw time at the beginning of first day. Coincidence? I think not.
Junior Guy #2: Well, he does have a Center. They can’t fuck with him. He will just take his Center and go home.

Overheard in Montreal over Spring Break

Nass Editor: So after we get the money...
Nass Editor's friend: We'll get the drugs.

Overheard at Cottage before the Pi Phi formal

Girl:  I forgot to wear undearwear.  Is that going to be okay?
Guy:  Yeah, I think I can manage.