Forward March

March 4, 2010


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Overheard in Chancellor Green Cafe

Professor, to student: I think your thesis is funny, because it's not as academically successful but it's more . . . useful.

Overheard in Rocky dining hall

Diner: The worst part about my cousin coming out of the closet was how long it took. She was talking to me for like five hours.

Overheard in Terrace

Member, in reference to Nassau Weekly stacks stored in the club: Let's get some wire from Home Depot, bind up the stacks and make some new lounge furniture out of them.

Overheard in GEO103

Student: I'm sick of earthquakes happening while I'm taking "Natural Disasters."

Overheard on Prospect Avenue

Guy: Damn it, she's got a dude with her.
Girl: That guy is gay.
Guy: Gay like homosexual, or gay like retarded?