Fall Foliage

October 2, 2022

Fall Foliage: Full Design

This week, the Nass puts a play on for a dead son, starts a commune beyond patriarchy, learns the importance of trash bags


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Overheard during coffee

Nass girlie #1: “Do you know that Nass girl that ex-upper masthead member was hitting on?”

Nass girlie #2: “That doesn't really narrow it down.”

Overheard in front of Frist

Oblivious onlooker: “Everyone looks so happy out on the grass!”

Observant onlooker: “I think they’re protesting.”

Overheard at Chennai Chimney

Medical genius: “If your eye got scooped out, wouldn't it feel like getting kicked in the balls? 'Cause, you know, they're both dangling.” *Swinging gestures*

The doctor we all need: “Why would a testicle and an eyeball have the same nervous wiring?”

Overheard at breakfast

Future dictator: “If I was in charge—wait, no, that would be illegal.”

Overheard at a cocktail party

Gay man guest, to hostess, after befriending a female guest: “It is MINUTES until we have sex in your bathroom.”

Overheard in NCW

Passionate international student: “Are you guys going to that Jordan Salami thing?”

Fellow domestic student: “It's Jordan Sa-LAMA.”

Passionate international student: “It's Salami to me.”

Overheard in Wilcox Dining Hall

Sweaty, anxious man eating dinner with a girl: “No one in their right mind would make a bad juice. No one. Right?”