25 Years of Nassau Goodness

November 4, 2004


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Overheard at Terrace (in reference to a purple jacket recently purchased by gay guy #2)

Gay guy #1: So how purple is it?
Gay guy #2: Oh, it's like a hate crime waiting to happen.

Overheard outside of Cuyler

Cottage guy #1: So when the interviewer from Goldman asks you what skills you have, what do you say?
Cottage guy #2: Uhhh, manipulating women?

Overheard on AIM (regarding Gold Bond powder)

Guy #1: Haha, the only use that I’ve heard from my friends is for numbing the genitals.
Guy #1: Yeah dude, it’s the best. Imagine your nuts eating a york peppermint patty.

Overheard in Prof. Feldherr’s “Classical Mythology” Lecture

If you haven’t read the readings for today, you can go to the texts and read all these pornographic descriptions of the drunken satyrs with their huge, perpetually-erect penises, masturbating and copulating with anything they can get their hands on: with trees, with deer, with nymphs, with anything in sight. That’s what satyrs did when they got together to hang out. They drank, they masturbated all over the place, they had sex with anything they could catch... and they played the flute. It’s a terrible combination.