The Politics Issue

October 14, 2004


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Overheard from someone snorting prescription drugs off of a Vogue spread of Lindsay Lohan

Lohan! Please accept this offering! Lohan! Guide my hand so that I may divide thy bounty equally!

Overheard in Spelman (after the presidential debate)

Black girl: If we had watched this in Frist, we would have been beaten up by the Republicans.
Chinese girl: No, they're scared of us.
Native American girl: Yeah! Besides, they can't beat us up because it would be a hate crime.

Overheard at Frist

Girl 1: Grad students are so weird.
Girl 2: My ex-roommate dates a grad student, and he's kind of normal.
Girl 1: Maybe I would date a grad student...
Girl 2: I would date anything!

Overheard at the TI-Ivy Olympics

Guy: GPAs don't matter!
Girl: Yeah, GPAs don't matter!
Guy: You're really smart!
Girl: You're really smart, too!
Guy: Wait - what's your quintile?