Russian Issue

November 11, 2004


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Overheard in Ellipse

Cottage Guy: We have two traditions at Cottage: the naked lap, and throwing people in the fountain.
Ivy guy: You forgot the new one: sign-ins.

Overheard in Fine Hall

Math professor: Here's an example of an economic problem involving two goods...let's say, guns and beer. Economists are always talking about guns and beer.
Student: That's guns and butter.
Professor: Who cares about butter?

Overheard at an election party hosted by a certain campus group whose name rhymes with “Glory”

Guy 1: Oh man! We're so winning this election! Look, even black people are marching around with Bush/Cheney signs.
Guy 2: Yeah, because they probably can't read them.

Overheard in Rocky Dining Hall

Guy: So yeah, my roommate's always complaining to me about his girl problems, as I have something remotely comforting or helpful to say. I sit there like a guy on welfare having to hear about someone else's financial problems; you think I wanna hear this? I mean...have you see some of the monsters I've brought home at night?