At my first Nass meeting I was: 18 years old, wearing all pink, and sort of afraid to talk.

Nass meetings have seen me: grumpy, overwhelmed, laughing.

I have seen Nass members: arguing, consoling, debating, reminiscing.

I hope to see the Nass: expand, attract.

Writing for the Nass has made me more: reflective, intentional.

I love: the posters in Bloomberg 044, the old Mac computer, and meetings on Poe Field.

I remember when: my first poem was printed, and I mailed a copy to my parents.

I also remember when: I mailed a copy to my favorite high school English teacher.

As a managing editor: I see so much potential.

As a sophomore: I’m happy I still have time.

Also as a sophomore: How do I still have so much time?

As a writer: I’m trying to remind myself to write.

As I write this: I’m planning the next issue.

The last text I received said: “literally why are you always at the Nass?”

My response was: “idk but it’s fun.”

All true.

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