As virtuous souls in drunken haze,

Meander through The Wa at night,

If leaving should they raise their gaze,

They would see Forbes, a ghostly sight.

But now, alas! The time has come,

For me to bid The Inn farewell.

Two years this place has been my home,

The humblest of dorms in which to dwell.

The golf-course view, the Sunday brunch,

Forbes perks of which many boast,

Feeling like a close-knit bunch

Which of these shall I miss most?

Or maybe stink bugs on the wall,

Who leave behind their yellowish smear,

As up the cinder block they crawl,

Returning without fail each year.

Likewise I must not forget,

About the Annex or Addition,

Which were I either to neglect,

Would constitute a grave omission.

If they be two, they are two so,

As stiff twin compasses are two,

Forever bound by isolated woe,

And campus eyesore status too.

But Forbes is not so bad, they say!

We have the Dinky, Tea & Talk,

A chocolate fountain, Forbes Café!

Which, frankly, aren’t worth the walk.

So Forbes, though it pains me so,

To speak in such a tone forthright –

I’ll be glad this fall, to see you go,

Though may stop by for veggie night.

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