Letter from the Masthead: AAPI Solidarity Statement

Dear readers, In the midst of the increasing hate crimes against the AAPI community across the globe, we write to both condemn these actions and create space for conversations centering the movement to stop AAPI hate, which has resurged in … Read More

The Great Debate – Full Design

This week, the Nass considers the place of politics in sports, reflects on cults of personality, and observes a strange relationship.

"The sky is red." - Union soldier to General Ripley during the Fall of Confederate Richmond, 1865 Cover image featuring Pray for America by David Hammond, created in 1969.

The Sky Is Red – Full Design on Issuu

In this issue, Nass contributors reflect on quarantine, urge Princeton to divest from fossil fuels, and profile the workers on campus. Click HERE to experience our print designs online!