Those pills, those—what were they?—those pills we ate are going crazy. My limbs are, like, exploding off me. I feel great. You look very pretty now. I mean, I feel great! How do you, how do you feel?

Not going to speak to me? Is mums the word? Is mums a word? Do you know what that means? I don’t know what that means. Fucking limbs, my arm is in the next room, it feels like, or another dimension or something. Fucking pills!

Can we dance? Let’s dance. Another dimension! You know what I mean, you look, you took a lot. Sleepy? I want to dance. No. No, no no. You’re sleepy.

You can lie down. I’ll lie down too, I’ll lie next to you. I’ll put my arm around you if that’s alright. The arm is back!

I’m glad we, glad I found you downstairs. I didn’t want to take all those by myself. What were they? You finished them.

Are you having a good time? Are you happy? You look tired. You look very pretty. You look especially pretty, with your eyes closed. Like mother nature. Mona Lisa. Prettier.

Do you mind if I take this off of you? I just want a better look. Say something if you mind. Anything?

Wow. Wow. I want 3D glasses, climbing gloves. But don’t worry, I just want to look. You’re so pretty. And round. And soft. Do you mind if I sit on you so I can get a better view? They feel squishy. Ha, feel me. Here, I can guide your hand for fun. Not squishy.

Are you having fun with these pills? Everything is crazy. I bet this feels crazy right now. Would you want me to take off your pants if you’re feeling so crazy? I just want to look, look what you’re hiding. You’re very pretty. And warm. And wet.

I might crawl inside you. Say something if you mind.

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