Winter formals are a comin’…

December 8, 2005


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Overheard in Wilcox

Girl: While I'm drunk I shouldn't slide on my belly, because that's how you get pink eye.

Overheard on the bus to Avenue Q

Senior Girl: I always give hickeys because my teeth are really sharp. It's not like they're love bites, it's that I'm hungry.

Overheard during an intermission of Cabaret

Girl: I've got an idea! How about I pretend to fall in the kickline in the beginning of Act II?
Director: I've got an idea! How about you go douche with a nuclear weapon.

Overheard in Scully

Roommate 1: So the coconut cost $1.50?
Roommate 2: Yeah, and it's like a dinner for two. Man, that's what I'd eat if I were a hobo. [Pause] A hobo with power tools.

Overheard through email

Public Safety Officer: I would like you to make contact with me about a pending investigation.
Guy: "Contact."

Overheard at Commencement Fair

Colonial Male 1: So...would you bang Nala?
Colonial Male 2: [Short pause] The lion? Yeah, definitely.