Wim Wenders

March 1, 2001


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Overheard in Forbes

He’s got really stupid taste in women.
You mean Japs?

Between two University administrators, Nassau Hall

Why did that alumnus give so much money to re-open Cannon Club?
He probably misses the days when he and his friends could pee on each other and gang-rape women.

Professor Katz in CLG 103

When you’re a grad student, basically everyone in the world shits on you while your friends make tons of money trading junk bonds.

Overheard in HUM 206 precept (on Dante’s Inferno)

I don’t get this last Canto. I mean, who is this Judas guy?

Overheard at Campus

We never stop. We’re like plastic-coated rabbits.

Overheard in a WWS301 precept

Let’s suppose that you have a point.