The Music Issue

April 14, 2005


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Overheard on NJ Transit

High School Guy 1: Do you stay friends with your ex-girlfriends?
High School Guy 2: (shrugs) Some of them.
HS Guy 1: Man - you gay. I stay friends with all of them. Never know when you might need a booty call.

Overheard in 202 1901

I figured, I already have my pants down; I might as well rape somebody.

Overheard over AIM

Guy: I've just written a children's parable.
Girl: What's it about?
Guy: It's about a sister who has nothing to give her brother on his birthday so she gives him her AIDS.

Overheard in the Wilson College Quad

Wilson RCA: Who the hell is Powell Fraser and why is he being a hater?
NOTE: these words are not without an "agenda," according to Wilson RCA.

Overheard in GER 210

Professor: We're going to be engaging Heidegger from the rear. (pause) It's the best way to engage him.