Reaper Madness

October 17, 2013


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Overheard by the Grad College

Grad student, to peer: Do you think it’s possible that I’ll ever have an idea you won’t say you’ve already tried?

Overheard in Shakespeare Lecture

Prof. Russ Leo: What’s a romantic comedy people like? Love Actually? Do people watch that? I’m acting like I haven’t seen it multiple times.

Overheard in 1901

Nass staffer: I know this is alienating to a lot of people, but I really do love Sonic Youth.

Overheard on the Street

Freshman with game, to senior: Sooo what res college are you in?

Overheard in Frist

Girl: If David tells you we’re dating, we’re not. We’re not dating. He likes to tell people that we’re dating but we’re not dating. We’re very much not dating.

Overheard in Marquand

Junior male, on Spring Breakers, exhaustedly: There are just too many tits in that movie.

Overheard in Pyne

TI Theta, listening to Tegan and Sara: I’m like shades of hipster. Just really light shades.

Overheard in Frist TV Lounge

Bro, to other bro: Well, at least the bro to bitches ratio is in our favor.

Overheard while exiting McCosh 50

Benedictine monk: You don’t have to talk to anyone at meals-- That’s probably the best part about being a monk.

Overheard on the Prince web site

Commenter: hi just had a quick query what can happen if a woman is pregnant with four babies and are given ovulation tablets?

Overheard at a Bonobo concert

Former Terran, to alt Ivy alum: Freshman year, you had the cool friends — but now the tables have turned.

Overheard in 1903

BAC dancer: How do you feel about floss versus brushing? ... I’ve flossed with my hair before.

Overheard in Rocky Private Dining Room

Jeff Nunokawa: Oh, this is the Behrman Society! I knew it was either the Behrman Society or St. A’s!

Overheard in Terrace

Soulful male: He always asks me for girl advice, and I’m like, just touch ‘em. And then see what she does.
Peers: Uh.
Soulful male: That’s not horrible. That’s just wise.

Overheard in Tower

Tower junior 1: I’m having dinner with a guy of interest tonight. Yay?
Tower junior 2: Definite yay. If he’s not impressed by you, he’ll be impressed by the food.

Overheard in Witherspoon

Nass EIC, on Prince op-ed: It’s just a lower form of language.