Man Hunt

October 5, 2023

Man Hunt: Full Design

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Overheard during mid-lecture break

Exploitative junior: My sister is a freshman here. We have a great deal going. I buy her alcohol and she does my laundry.

Overheard in Car

Student: Didn’t the Prince publish that really awful article about that kid with the Filipina maid? It was called, like, “Gloria.”

Nass Editor-In-Chief: That was the Nass.

Overheard in Kwanza

Person wanting trail mix: Let me get in there

Person holding trail mix: You know who gets in here all the time without asking?

Legacy student: Legacy students

Overheard by the tables in that long hallway in Dillon

Soft-spoken philo-bro: I'm trying to cut back on the caffeine. 300 milligrams a day was feeling risky.

Chatty gay: And how much is in that yerba mate?

Philo-bro: Only 200. It's about the tapering.

Overheard at the pregame

Cooked junior: Pre-frosh? You mean high school student. Okay, so I’m a pre-grad student. I’m a pre-father. I’m a pre-dead man.

Overheard in Coffee Club

HUM student: To be frank, I kind of don't understand the point of science.

Overheard in Prospect Gardens

Guy in Princeton Squash backpack: If there were a zombie apocalypse I'm not sure I'd be able to keep moving

Overheard near Frist

Girl 1: I’ve been buying so many clothes on my mom’s credit card

Girl 2: Doesn’t she mind?

Girl 1: It’s okay, I buy smaller things in-between so she doesn’t notice the big purchases when she looks at the statement.

Overheard in WPRB studio

Tallest man in the world, pointing at a picture of outer space: Would you finger yourself there?

Overheard in roommate groupchat

23-year-old roommate: Can we play photo roulette when you guys get back to the room tonight?

Overheard in Practical Ethics

Skeptical student, googling: Is Socrates a real person?

Skeptical student: *drops the class*

Overheard in the Rocky Common Room

English major, reading the most recent Nass issue: Oh, so the second article they're publishing is a semester out of date… classic…

Overheard in Firestone study room

American history buff: This isn't about you, we're talking about one of our nation's great founding fathers.