kisses and ipods

February 10, 2005


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Overheard in Pyne

Tower member: Yeah, I think Ivy members are the new tools.

Overheard in Public Safety vehicle

Student: So, this is going to be a pretty busy weekend for you guys, huh?
Public Safety Officer: Yep, you know it. But I got the weekend off. I'm just going to sit at home and bicker myself.

Overheard at Ivy

Girl: We're thinking of staging an intervention for (Guy with coke problem).
Guy: That's not fair. I have a coke problem also. Why not me? Why does no one stage an intervention for me?
Girl: Because you fucking suck.

Overheard at late lunch

Straight Girl: I think all these mishaps are God's way of telling me he is saving me for Prince William.
(Mostly) Straight Guy: God is saving Prince William for ME.
Straight Guy: ME!!!!!!!
Straight Guy: It's kind of crazy how hot he is.

Overheard in Cloister taproom

Girl to Alleged semi-Professional Hockey Player: They are out of beer, I have a single, let’s go.