For Your Consideration

April 16, 2023

For Your Consideration: Full Design

This week, the Nass spends its leave of absence filming movies in Greece, attending tone-deaf plays, and growing an extra hand.


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Overheard in Writing Seminar

Sleep-deprived student's search bar: 'why am i always tired?'
Sleep-deprived student's search bar after a few seconds of anxious reading: 'can cancer cause fatigue?'

Overheard at NCW dining hall

Confused male: "My sister and I are going to have a kid."

Overheard on Easter

Catholic child: Why can’t Jesus be a baguette?

Overheard on prospective student day

Starstruck sophomore: I just shook hands with Jeff Bezos in Effron. My fight or flight response kicked in, and I chose flight in that moment.

Overheard on Twitter

Inquisitive reader: I wonder if I’ve ever been in a nassau weekly verbatim

Overheard during International Women’s Month

Woman-lover: My sexuality is super woman

Overheard in delirium

Philosopher: humor is the condom of life

Overheard in Forbes Annex

Critical observer, watching Italian art film: I’d rather see his ass than his face.

Overheard in Scheide Caldwell

Medievalist: Actually, I find premodernity to be the most postmodern

Overheard in Green Hall

Professor: And how do we define "Latin Lover"?

Overheard at Late Meal

Crochet enthusiast: I won't be able to access deep focus mode until I put on some pants.

Overheard in Joline

Cooked sophomore: Hell of a song to pregame shabbat to.

Overheard at 2D dinner

Surprisingly impressed ooze-eater: I can tell everyone I came here for the black ooze

Overheard while discussing independent work:

Potentially perverted junior: My JP is like Penis. Penis. Vagina. Incest. Mouth stuff. Butt stuff. Mind stuff.