Brush With Death

November 2, 2023

Brush With Death: Full Design

This week, the Nass recycles beer cans, interrogates TikTok feminism, and decides what good art is.


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Overheard between loving couple

Boyfriend: There should be a cooking show where everyone moans.

Overheard under the Wright Hall archway

Baseball player: You could die like now. Sometimes I think about that during the day.

Other baseball player: *silent, pensive nod*

Overheard over text

Junior on vacation: Just played blackjack with a BILLIONAIRE.

Junior on vacation, forty minutes later: Peep the mani/pedi.

Overheard by the SPIA fountain

European grad student: We might need an alternative, yes, but if they're not selling crates and barrels at Crate and Barrel I will be VERY disappointed.

Overheard in the Forbes lobby

Freshman: I miss when Brandy Melville was body-negative

Overheard in the Forbes dining hall

Frosh, scrolling through phone: "I should major in Instagram reels."

Overheard in Kwanza yet again

Desperate international students: “Who do you love the most?”

UK/US Passport Holder: “I'll marry ALL of you!”

Overheard in eating club common space

Guy: “What are you guys going to be for Halloween?”

Girl 1: “I need a prompt, what’s relevant right now?”

Girl 2: “We could be geoexchange whores. Or the ghost of Poe Field?”