Hot Girl Summer

October 6, 2019


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Overheard at Stone

Pre-Law senior: I wanna be a public defender, but I look like an eleven year old.

Overheard in junior seminar

Preceptor, summarizing the field of psychology: You're either anxious or you're depressed.

Overheard in freshman sem

Non-Christian explaining the Reformation: They read the Bible and then some people were like, "Hey, we should dunk ourselves more."

Overheard at Terrace

Ex-Nass junior while stroking his attempt at a moustache: I've gotta say, I think TI is the wokest club now.

Overheard in East Pyne

Deep-voiced man to woman, matter-of-fact-ly: Did you know the Tory has an advice column called 'Ask Anselm?'

Overheard on tour

Orange Key guide: My brother wants to go to Penn. Who on earth has Penn as their dream school?

Overheard between two girls

Girl 1: Oh, that’s my Ukranian name.
Girl 2: Oh, are you Ukranian?
Girl 1: No.

Overheard at Tower

Senior man to Whig-Clio President: The number of stickers on your laptop is giving me anxiety. You're so affiliated.