Bridge Year Terabithia

September 29, 2019


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Overheard at Mathey Dining Hall

Potential Sophomore: I'm going to teach my kid to listen to podcasts at double speed from a young age, so they can communicate better.

Overheard at Nass Open House

Sophomore: I’m a vegetarian but I had six chicken tenders today cause I was hungover.

Overheard on neighboring bro’s computer during philosophy lecture

Google search bar: pascal i think therefore i am

Overheard at dinner

New Englander: I don't even wear clogs that often!

Overheard in Fine

Boy, comparing respective sex appeals: [Man 1, hot] has his own band. [Man 2, lame] is in PURE…

Overheard in a dorm room

TI girls: We can pretend we’ll be Chi Phis all we want… but let’s be real. If we were guys, we are one hundred percent Phi Delts.

Overheard in East Pyne

Sophomore French student, writing in her book during seminar: 10/10, would sleep with Georges Duroy

Overheard in the architecture building

Architecture Professor: One thing to think about is…*in a quiet voice* “theory.”

Overheard at a Nass meeting

Nass Sophomore: I once described Annie Hall as a hidden gem.

Overheard in Forbes backyard

Manic English major: I’m still riding the high from Nunokawa’s lecture.

Overheard walking back from Lawn Parties

Blonde girl in romper to two dudes: You're testing the limits of my knowledge of the movie Madagascar.

Overhead in the same Japanese hostel

The Same Man: America is trying to do the whole multicultural thing. It isn't working though.

Overhead in a Japanese hostel

American who "doesn't love Trump anymore": I wouldn't define myself as an American. I'd define myself as a Texan. It's like you wouldn't define yourself as European.

Overheard at Princo

Ivy Wannabe Socialist: Wait... who pays for the public libraries?