Root Canal

April 23, 2023

Root Canal: Full Design

This week, the Nass looks deep into the construction of cavities, finding a world where the dance is improvisational and the restrooms are mindful.


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Overheard in the architecture library

Guy, finding out he’s been verbatimed: ”That’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Overheard walking into NCW (5:50pm)

A good old friend: “Okay, we’re going to have eat fast—I have a meeting at 6.”

Overheard in Terrace

Former big baby: “I was a big baby.”

Former small baby: “Yeah, I see that for you.”

Overheard in Feliciano

Enamored HUM Student: “I feel like not many books make me feel, but Virginiana Woolf makes me FEEL.”

Overheard in AAS seminar:

Professor: “What’s happening in the text here?”

Student: “A white woman moment.”

Overheard over text

Mom: “Any good April Fool's jokes at school?”

Overheard while watching 21 Jump Street:

Film critic: “Channing Tatum is a really good actor.”

Friend: “…”

Film critic: “I mean he's really good at playing a big dumb guy who can move.”

Overheard in the architecture library

Cooked sophomore: “What you’ve gotta understand is that at heart, I’m a hater.”

Overheard at late meal

Masterful misogynist: “Women should give birth alone, it teaches them independence.”

Overheard in the Tiger Tea Room

Wistful worker: “Where’s my long-legged socialist? Where’s my ethereal bisexual?”

Overheard in Dod Basement

The One Who Asks: “I’ll be a vigilante chicken killer. I’ll only kill the chickens who did wrong.”

Overheard in Seminar

Cow-Stapler Hater: “Cows don't have red tails.”

Defensive Professor: “Cows also aren't staplers.”

Overheard at Terrace

Senior 1, sweating in the sun: “I put on sunscreen today, but I'm worried it won't be enough.”
Senior 2, British: “God is my sunscreen.”

Overhead outside of Firestone

Preppy student #1, locking up scooter: "I think I might have to start living with a poor person."

Preppy student #2: "Can I verbatim that?"

Preppy student #1: "No!"