ARC 210
Unpacking Foreclosure

ATL 253
Eating Clear Soup with Small Spoons on Uncomfortable Chairs

Introduction to the Existence of Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian

CHI 101
So You Want to Apply to PIA

CHV 310
Practical Meth-xxx

CWR 301
Your Memoir

CWR 444
Crowbars, Dumplings: Scrambling Up Words

DAN 213
How to Ride it Like Ciara

ECO 104
The Economist: A User’s Guide

EEB 213 / PSY 213
Why He’s Such a Dick to You

ENG 203
The Art of Conversation: How Fifty of the Most Intellectual Books in America End

ENG 310
Glengarry Glen Ross Glenn Beck: The American Huckster

ENG 324
The Important Contemporary Author Jonathan Franzen

ENG 450
Calculus I

FIN 322
Fake Laughs and Perky Breasts: How to Marry a Man in Finance

GEO 300
Rock-type Pokemon from Geodude to Onix

GER 121
How to Hide Your Schadenfreude

GLS 221 / REL 221 / WOM 221
Eating, Praying, Loving

HIS 499
America’s Next Top Rhodes Scholar

HOS 340
The Anxious Humanist from Me to You

ISC 231 / CHM 231 / COS 231 / MOL 231 / PHY 231
Integ/Quantitative Intro to Nat Sci I

ITA 331 / JPN 331
Unique New York: How to Get Rid of Your Accent

LAO 212 / LOL 212
Laughing Loudly with Latinos

LAT 312 / THR 312
Et Tu, Brute?: The Art of Sounding Super Betrayed

LIN 220
Linguistic Abbreviations from A.M. to P.M.

MAT 307
Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

MOL 140
Adderall: An Abuser’s Guide

MUS 255
Taiko Drumming Workshop: Thanks for Paying for College, Mom and Dad, but F You Guys

NEU 311
The Brain, and the “Other Brain” (The Penis)

PAW 222 / PAW 222
Ancient Worlds through the Princeton Alumni Weekly

PHI 343
If No One Clicks in During Lecture, Is Anyone There?

PSY 414 / VIS 414
Shrooming at the Grad College

REL 110
Building Your Mosque in the United States: A Worst-Case Scenario Guide

RUS 223
How Good Was Sigourney Weaver’s Russian Accent in Heartbreakers?!

SOC 205
It’s Our Life: Bon Jovi’s America

SOC 221
Comparative Gender Studies: Push-Up Bras and Bro Push-Ups

SOC 327
Your Parents’ Divorce: What You Could Have Done to Prevent It

VIS 217
The Cinema of Spelling Bees

VIS 241 / WOM 241
Painting with Menstrual Blood

VIS 310 / THR 310
Mixing Floral Prints

VIS 370 / MOD 370 / COM 370 / ATL 370 / JXL 3?0
Performers Performing Performance: James Franco and Joaquin

WOM 410
The Lesbian Phallus from Ciara to Gaga

WRI 104
From Five Paragraphs to Five Pages in Five Easy Steps

WRI 106
The Dichotomy Between Correct and Incorrect Use of “Dichotomy”

WWS 430
International Secretary Relations

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