We stole Professor

Cornel West from Harvard. I

Guess we’re not racist.

Angela Hodgeman

Sends work notices and draw

announcements. Delete.

CB, I’d like a

Sandwich. But only if it’s

Not too much to ask.

Chapman likes to sing

Aloud to himself on the streets.

Please stop it, Chapman.

Evan Baehr wishes

That the world looked a bit more

Like Tallahassee.

Robert George thinks

All embryos are people,

But not Lee Silver.

John Fleming is one

Of those old school profs, which means

He looks just like hell.

Ben Fast is funny.

He’s in quipfire, does stand-up.

Ben Fast is funny.

Maggie likes sagas

Of the Icelandic era.

She plays rugby. Yikes.

Gordo wanted to rage.

He blared “Hungry like the wolf”

At bicker. He lost.

Teddy Van Buren’s

name took up the whole first line.

He’s in Cottage though.

Ara’s grandfather

Built up the fighting Irish.

Ara plays ult’mate.

Sandy Gibson asked

Shirley to open a bar.

Chug, Shirley T. Chug.

Xander is Woody

Woo. Too bad his grandfather

Invented the pill.

Yasser could beat most

Any of us in his sport.

None of us play it.

Haydar pees in the

Girls’ shower, claims cultural

Differences. Bullshit.

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