Hey guys, wow. What a game, huh? Go get ’em.

Listen, I just got in on the Dinkory and passed by Big South to come here, to my dorm building, here in Spelman College, and I just realized that last weekend, at Princetonchristmas, I think I left my prox card at the club party. Yeah, I definitely gave it to some girl to go buy burgers for us at The Studio and she never came back, so she has it. I forget her name, though; all those sorority girls, right, buddy? Anyway, the club is closed today, obviously, so I can’t go get it. If you just wanna swipe me in, that’d be sweet.

Look, man, I don’t want PubSafe to get on you or chew you out or anything. God, our president’s such a hard-ass, right? It’s like, let us party! But I really gotta get studying; I’ve got my JP test tomorrow and I’ve been pulling all nighters all week just to finish my Organized Chemistry problem lists, not to mention my Molecule Biology. I don’t wanna keep hassling you, especially ’cause you know, you never know who’s in…you know.

St. Anscombe.

I totally get if you feel weird letting me in. For all you know, I’m just some guy. I don’t know how I can prove to you I go here. Um, let me see: Frist Lab, Lewis Library for the Performing Arts, Nassau Hall, The East Quad. Joyce C. Oates. Grady Flation. Cap And Dial Elm Club. Prospect Street. That enough for you?

Oh, dude, come on. Tell you what: you let me in, we’ll split a Studio burger, my treat. I’ll just put it all on my prox card.

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