The Night Before the Semester After

February 14, 2021

The Night Before the Semester After – Full Design

This week, the Nass previews the new art museum, visits nearby nature, and ruminates on the mysteries of love.


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Overheard during Lecture

HUM Professor: It's up to your generation to solve these problems. I'm ready to retire and die.

Overheard in Creative Writing Workshop

Poetry Professor: You can’t hurt my feelings. Only fascists can hurt my feelings.

Overheard on Twitch Stream

Confused Gamer: What's a bugle?

Designated Music Expert: It's a dog!

Overheard in the Car

Annoyed Bridge Year Kid: St. A's people love nothing more than to tell you how they aren't supposed to talk about St. A's.

Overheard in Theater Seminar

71-year-old professor: And the entire cast from Friends was in my dream. Joey and I went back to the hotel and… well I'll stop there.

Overheard on Zoom

Theater Prof: My friend used to translate Aeschylus–you know the scholar Robert Fagles?

Overheard in Class

Theater Professor: If you see a small bear, that's my dog Arlo. He once scared Joyce Carol Oates to death.

Overheard in Poetry Seminar

Comp Lit Professor: What is happening while I'm making love?

Overheard in Forbes

Swiftie 1: I think Taylor Swift is for everyone.

Swiftie 2: Bootlicker.

Overhead in a dining hall

One student: Can you overdose on Gummy Vites?

Overheard in Zoom DMs

Nass figurehead: My roommate really wants to flash his butt on this call

Overheard while trying to avoid a sociopolitical debate

Comp lit major, hot chocolate in hand: The Princeton pandemic response has been the clearest case for anarchism that I've ever seen.

Overheard at piercing parlor

Man, to me: You can put your boobie away.

Overheard in a childhood bedroom

Girl, scrolling through boy's spotify: God, he's [ex-boyfriend] but self-aware, and spiritual. I hate it here.


Overheard in the Car

Dad: Driving is as American as apple pie.

License-less daughter: I HATE APPLE PIE.

Overheard on iMessage

Prince Writer: He's writing a novel? What's it about?

Nass Writer: I didn't care enough to ask.

Overheard in Final Project

Exhausted sophomore trying to make a point: Yes, Professor, I realize that murder is sort of a character flaw.

Overheard in the Kitchen

Bro: She's got the look of one of like six white girls in one of those flocks–you know, the scary flocks.

Overheard in Creative Writing Class

First Year Writer: Writing Fiction is kind of traumatizing.