Spawning Season

March 28, 2024

Heat pumps in TIGER

Spawning Season: Full Design

The Nass wakes up and it’s spring again. Time for making movies, holding doors, and generating power.  

Lullaby Loon

If you find yourself forgetting how to breathe, do not be afraid. Leave the stones in your throat and learn to rise with the croaking loons, drifting as they do and as they have since the  beginning of time. Or … Read More


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Overheard one Wednesday night

Discerning roommate, counseling on matters of love: He’s weird in an acceptable way. 

Overheard in Scully

Friend-turned-lover: Kissing is like a poor man’s hanging out.

Overheard in Firestone

Student, hating on professor : He’s only tall if you measure in how much of a bitch he is…

Overheard en route to Jadwin

Confused basketball fan: Is bounce-off at 8?

Overheard on NJ Transit

Student storyteller: I was taking Advil PM and DayQuil and having them fight it out because that’s the only way I could get high at the time.

Overheard in East Pyne

Slavic professor, probing his students yet again: So I am the prof and I come in here and say you people are so immature. Okay, so, how do you get out of that? Because by trying to show me you are mature, you are going to prove to me that you are immature. Double whammy. I sort of imprisoned you in my set of concepts. It’s sort of like quicksand, the more you try to wiggle out of it the more you get stuck in it.

Overhead in our depraved, morally-bankrupt world

Depraved, morally-bankrupt girl: Was Jesus a virgin?

Pervert: Mary was.

Depraved, morally-bankrupt girl: Yeah, virginity runs in the family I guess.

Overheard walking to Forbes

Large athletic man: Astrology is just space racism!

Overheard in Lewis Library

Clearly a NARP: Sometimes I wish I were an athlete. It must be great to just run around a field occasionally and pretend you’re at war or something.

Overheard in the common room

Roommate: I have squeezed the ball, now I will touch the tortilla.

Overheard in Yeh

Star-crossed artist: Born to paint in a small cottage in France. Forced to do COS126.

Overheard in bar in Berlin

Proud Irish lesbian: Are you also Irish?

Shameful American lesbian: No, I'm American…

Proud Irish lesbian: Oh, that's okay, we accept you still.