Birth of Shakuntala

April 8, 2004


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Overheard at Terrace

Sophomore Girl: I am not a slut!  The only people I hook up with are bicker club officers.

Overheard in the Cottage bathroom

Girl 1: Girl 2, let's go to Cottage!
Girl 2: We are in Cottage.

Overheard during a seder

Neurotic Jew 1: I hear that Mel Gibson wants to make a movie about the Maccabees....
Neurotic Jew 2: That bastard.

Overheard in Little Hall

Girl: I've heard it's kind of weird
after you jerk pee kinda
Boy: Oh yeah, that's because
there's extra residue of jizz in there
that's get sticky and clogged up
a bit, unless you've gotten completely
sucked off. Then the pipes
are clean.
[Uncomfortable pause]
Boy: Oh, I love my pipes clean!

Overheard at the last ICC meeting in reference to Dean Flores-Mills

Guy: She cooks, too? Oh man, I
would defi nitely...I might have to
tap that.