Autumn & its delights

October 12, 2006


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Overheard in Prospect Garden

Sorority Girl 1: so did you talk to him?
Sorority Girl 2: yeah...he called.
SG1: and?
SG2: he said he was watching 'hotel rwanda.'
SG1: 'hotel rwanda'? you mean he ditched you for genocide?

Overheard in East Pyne

Girl 1: At least you didn't fall for a hobbit who left you for a cross-eyed girl.
Girl 2: Yeah, but I fell for a hobbit who left me for a man.
I guess he didn't really leave me.

Overheard outside McCosh

Girl on cellphone: Wait, so does this mean I can be in the Daughters  
of the American Revolution?

Overheard at the Whitney

Kid (looking at a Pollock): It looks so good, I just wanna lick it up!

Overheard in Charter

Guy: What's your major?
Girl: Chemical engineering.
Guy: Sweet.  What's your favorite element?
Girl: Water.

Overheard in Lockhart

Girl 1: I love Cup O' Noodles even though it's homeless people food
Girl 2: But where do they heat it up?
Girl 1: The homeless shelter?