Allies, Enemies, and Non-Combatants,

It is with great fanfare and pleasure that we bring you this, the third issue of our tenure as Editors-in-Chief. This week you’ll find a portrait of former Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist ’74, an analysis of the “Education City” in Qatar, musings on Dan Deacon and, in the centerfold, an interview with creator Matt Ivester.

And once more, there are changes—large and small. On a global scale, the Western powers welcomed and formally acknowledged Kosovo as an independent republic, further widening the already fractured gap between Russia and the West. The presidential primaries continued with John McCain solidifying his hold over Mike Huckabee on the Republican side, while Hillary and Obama continue to trade blows and victories in the countdown to the Democratic convention. Things remain much the same in our lovely orange bubble. The drama and angst of the semester’s beginning smolder on—as seen on JuicyCampus. But don’t you worry. You’ll be out of here in a few years anyway and by the time you have that diploma, you’ll realize what a huge farce it all is.

But that’s not the issue at stake in today’s letter. Last week, we ran an anonymous story (“A Latte Runs Through It”) that detailed one member of the Princeton Triangle Club’s experience on the Triangle Intersession Tour. We received quite a few (not unexpected) reactions to it—ranging from anger to disbelief to disappointment. We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify what the Nassau Weekly is. Simply put, we are a newspaper. We may be snarky, we may be self-involved, we may even be a bit verbose—but first and foremost, we are a newspaper. We believe our purpose is to serve as a forum for all voices on campus and beyond (given that the views are well-written and coherent in message), regardless of religion, creed, political leanings, eye color, trust fund size, etc. Red State, Blue State, Icahn, East Pyne, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, St. Anthony’s Hall—this is your venue, your place to voice your opinions, thoughts. We don’t discriminate, we don’t have an agenda (except to maintain our title, “Takes a Huge Dump on The Daily Princetonian’s Chest.”) and your ideas are just as welcome as that guy with arm hair like a shag rug sitting two seats away from you at the cluster. Which is to say, very welcome: we love long underarm hair. So if you have something to say about what is run in the paper, say it, write it, spell it out. This is your forum, too.

And we’re serious about that JuicyCampus thing. We know who posted. He/she’s a jerk. We’ve got your back.


The Editors-in-Chief

Chris, Colin and Max

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