Time to BeeReal

November 6, 2022

Time to BeeReal: Full Design

This week, the Nass surveys ten movies, discovers the stories written in olive leaves, and juggles three languages.


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Overheard over text

Friend 1: “Can I call you a WASP or is that offensive?”

Friend 2: “You may. Why?”

Friend 1: “You'll see. It's for a bit."

Overheard on iMessage

Devious fellow: “Hello my good friend. I have numerous plans to devise with you in the morrow.”

Overheard outside Terrace

Bespectacled man: “But am I really safe to drive?”

Overheard outside kitchen

Local chef: “Sounds like someone needs a poop transplant.”

Overheard while studying

COS A.B. concentrator: “Wait who was that guy who did Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg? Mike Wazowski?”

Overheard during meal

Jaded juniors who foresee the end: "We're not prepping, we're just planning."

Overheard in lecture on syntax

Pensive lecturer: "Sorry about all the violent examples. I just come from a country where the policeman /does/ punch the boy all the time."

Overheard during seminar

Journalism prof: “I am no longer surprised by how little I know about women's lives. Hold on, I have an anecdote. Have any of you seen Seinfeld?”

Overheard during precept in the Andlinger Center

Loud, out-of-place humanities student: “Vermont? The only people who live in Vermont are Senator Bernie Sanders and my roommate.”

Overheard at the homecoming football game

Middle-aged white male alum: “I can't imagine what my father would think.”

Overheard at New College West

Pensive freshman: “The most frustrating thing about being a human being is that you can't possibly know everything.”

Overheard while reading Dracula

Down-on-his-luck German major: “I have always been vaguely melancholy and vaguely French.”

Overheard in communal bathroom

One bro, from within a showers stall: “Dude, you're so down bad.”

Another bro, from the next stall over: “I knowww.”