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September 19, 2021

Print is Real – Full Design


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Context: Overheard at an alt eating club

Member of a secret society: She was gaslighting me TWICE. Like, I was gaslit-squared.

Overheard at Forbes Brunch

Tall sophomore girl: Yeah, I lean more libertarian than dictator.

Overheard at Tower

Noob: I thought tarping was putting tarps on the floor.

Scarred senior: remember, you can mop the floor, but you can't mop the walls.

Overheard at Wu

CBE junior: Philosophy is going to be my hardest class. Philosophy is just thinking, and I don't do that.

Overheard in TI

Suspect Junior: I’ve always wanted to do a big burning.

Overheard on Tiger Transit

Vengeful Junior: I have decided to spend my tax return on Ubers from now on.

Overheard on the phone

Anti-foodie: She said she can make foe.

Foodie: Do you mean pho?

Anti-foodie: I don't give a pho.

Overheard in 1901

Hard Drinker on cocktails: Why would you do that? It's like diluting your vaccines to take more of them.

Pre-Med Student: No one does that.

Overheard Outside

Connoisseur: It's unfiltered rice wine from Brooklyn. That's why it's milky.

Overheard in 1901

Vindictive junior: Is it bullying or is it justice?

Overheard in Wilcox

One First RCA to another: I know this is a hot take, but you have to have kids. Life is not about having fun.

Overheard in Whig Senate Chamber

Princeton Official: Not all heroes wear capes. Some eat chips. I could be a hero.

Overheard during hook up

English major who just finished reading Kafka on the Shore: *giving a hand job* This is just like in Kafka on the Shore.

Overheard in Connecticut

Student: *complains about a Princeton policy*
Father: You should transfer to Yale.
Student: What? Why?
Mother: We just really want the Yale sticker so we can have HYP on the car.


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